Opterus Research and Development, Inc. specializes in deployable and unfolding spacecraft structures ranging from high precision, frequency and gain parabolic RF reflectors to extremely large area antennas, solar sails, and sun-shades. Our technologies allow spacecraft components to fold compactly for launch, allowing smaller launch vehicles to be used or for more spacecraft to fit in a single launch vehicle. Once on orbit, the systems expand by 10 to 1000x in length, area and volume. Our technologies are ideally suited for provide large apertures on small spacecraft.

Opterus pioneered High Strain Composites (HSC) and is the industry’s leading innovator in developing new HSC materials, structures, and low-cost manufacturing technologies. Also highly skilled in traditional mechanical systems, Opterus leverages these two technologies to develop exceptionally high performance and dimensionally stable deployable structures.

Opterus’ High Strain Composites (HSCs) achieve bending strains 2x greater than previously used materials, enabling 8x greater stiffness with 5x greater mass efficiency and 20x greater dimensional stability.

Key Technology Benefits

Higher compaction • Lower lead times • Higher gain Larger area

Key Technology Features

Flight heritage • Lower mass • Lower cost • Greater dimensional stability

Commercial Use Case

Deployable booms • Monopole • Dipole antennas • Solar sails • Solar arrays

Military Use Case

Deployable parabolic reflectors • Phased array antenna • Solar shades • Solar arrays

Technology Specifications

Greater than 100:1 linear expansion ratio • Small to large satellite scales


4-8 • Dependent on product

Collapsible Tubular Mast

Our CTM boom is our highest performance boom. Featuring a lenticular, closed cross section, we achieve maximum buckling strength, bending stiffness and precision while retaining high compaction ratios.

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Slit Tube

Our Slit-Tube booms feature our highest compaction ratios and are ultra-low cost and rapidly manufacturable. These booms can be manufactured to your custom specification, Contact with any questions or cost inquiries.

Solar Array Hinges and Structures

In addition to deployable booms, High Strain Composites are ideally applied to solar array hinges and structures. Our passively deployed (non-actuated) hinges are ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight. With these hinges we can drastically simplify solar array deployment systems, yielding reduced part counts, reduced cost, and mitigated risk of deployment. Our team has been developing deployable solar array structures and components for nearly 50 years combined. We are capable of taking on any design challenge.

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