Ideation and creation of critical components for spacecraft structures

Opterus team has over 75 years of combined aerospace flight project experience and a deep understanding of spacecraft systems. We strive to modernize and advance the United States space infrastructure and leverage our experience to identify novel, game-changing technologies that will revolutionize the way the world approaches space exploration and infrastructure development. With over 15 patents, 70 publications and a 90% SBIR/STTR capture rate, we specialize in developing new solutions to the greatest challenges in space. We are constantly seeking innovative partnerships. Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to conceptualize the next generation of spacecraft systems and architectures.


Essential component know-how and experience for mission success

As a dynamic and agile small business, we can offer unrivaled engineering design capabilities. Your project gets our undivided attention and our commitments to you are our highest priority. We are able to develop custom timelines for our clients and have the expertise to fully internalize your goals and objectives. Our in-depth understanding of space structures can be applied to a variety of spacecraft applications including deployable booms, hinges, antennas, membrane structures, solar sails, light shades, radiators, robotics, and more. Bring us your challenge or concept and we will work with you to develop innovative solutions. Contact us with any design inquiries. We want to help you solve your challenges.

Analysis / simulation

As the pioneer of High Strain Composites and experts in spacecraft structures and mechanisms, we can offer industry-leading analysis and simulation of composite systems and structures. Our unmatched experience is an invaluable asset when validating spacecraft designs and we spare no effort when evaluating every aspect of interest. We specialize in deployment simulations, finite element analysis, structural analysis, and thermal analysis. We design and simulate using high-performance computing workstations equipped with state-of-the-art software such as SolidWorks, SW Simulation Professional, Abaqus, Mathmatica, MultiMechanics and SwiftComp.

Analysis and Similuation


We offer complete composites manufacturing capabilities from our Loveland, CO-based facility. We are equipped with two modular 30 ft. in-house ovens that are easily reconfigurable and lengthened to meet production constraints. Our proprietary High Strain Composite manufacturing processes deliver autoclave quality composite components at significantly reduced costs. Our expertise allows us to take on a wide range of manufacturing challenges. Contact us to see how our novel processes can be tailored to tackle your challenges.


As the primary material developers of High Strain Composites, we have also led the development of testing standards for these unique materials. Our staff is also well versed in structures and deployment testing through flight qualification. As the industry thought leader in HSC’s, no one can offer the same in-depth understanding of composite space systems testing and evaluation. Contact us with any questions or inquiries for composite structures testing and evaluation.