Our Company

Founded by Dr. Thomas W. Murphey in 2015, Opterus Research and Development is a fast-growing provider of critical spacecraft components and deployable spacecraft structures. From conception through design, simulation, analysis, fabrication and testing – we do it all. All activities are conducted at the company’s facilities in Loveland, Colorado.

Opterus is structured and staffed to support government prime, government subcontract, and commercial projects. We comply with FAR/DFAR and adhere to AS9100D QMS standards.

Opterus is an advanced structures company. Core technologies include space flight mechanisms and High Strain Composite (HSC) booms & hinges, solar array structures, antennas, phased arrays, reflectors and robotics. These technologies allow spacecraft components to fold compactly for launch and expand 10 to 1000x in length, area and volume once on orbit. We are also actively developing on-orbit assembly and space robotics technologies. Opterus’ team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans with more than 75 years of combined aerospace flight project experience. Our senior leaders have more than 15 patents and 70 publications related to high strain composites and deployable spacecraft systems. Additionally, Opterus has flight heritage for our High Strain Composites with eight parts flown in 2018 with 100 percent success. Several other components from Opterus are slated to fly in 2020 with our key partners.

Opterus pioneered High Strain Composites and is the industry’s leading innovator in developing new HSC materials, structures, and low-cost manufacturing technologies. Standing tall on a foundation of invention for the government and commercial space projects our structural space systems breakthroughs redefine satellite performance to enable new missions previously deemed infeasible. Opterus brings in-depth knowledge and experience with technologies essential to spacecraft structures, and we continuously seek partnerships to catalyze innovation.


Ideation and creation of critical components for spacecraft structures

The greater the technical challenge, the greater our effort. Opterus stands tall on a foundation of invention for government and commercial space projects. Our breakthroughs with structural space systems redefine satellite performance and reliability.

Relative to metals, HSCs provide twice the strain and eight times the bending stiffness. Dimensional stability is twenty times that of metals at 20 percent of the weight.

We design and simulate on high-performance computing workstations, using state-of-the-art software such as SolidWorks, SW Simulation Professional, Abaqus, Mathematica, MultiMechanics, and SwiftComp.


Essential component know-how and experience for mission success

Opterus brings in-depth knowledge and experience with technologies essential to the success of spacecraft structures: deployable booms, hinges, antennas, membrane structures, solar sails, light shades, etc.

Opterus understands the core technologies of high-strain composite booms, reflectors, and robotics.

We work hard to internalize your metrics for success

We build timelines that align with your client commitments

We comply with FAR/DFAR and adhere to the AS9100D QMS

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