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Opterus is founded on the belief that solving the technical mysteries of angling will lead to better angling experiences on the water and increased economic opportunities off the water. We use a science based engineering approach backed by world recognized advanced structures leaders. Our efforts have resulted in numerous engineering tools that enable rapid performance characterization and quantitative design of fishing tackle. Opterus R&D was founded by Dr. Tom Murphey, a leading innovator in the field of aerospace deployable structures. He is also a prominent composite materials scientist and holds two current IGFA records on fly.

Product Development Technologies and Services


Opterus provides low cost access to product development technologies and confidential R&D services that greatly accelerate product innovation and time to market. Opterus has debuted a range of testing and predictive software technologies for the rod manufacturing industry. The testing technologies are specialized tube and rod characterization methods developed for the nonlinear and large deformations of fishing rods. The software tools allow rod performance to be predicted based on simple material and taper parameters. Rod strength and deflection curves under any loading conditions are also readily calculated. Contact Opterus to learn more about our full range of technologies and services.

Opterus Blog

By Opterus / August 8, 2016

Tackle tech is outpacing AFFTA’s Line Standards

COULD NEW RESEARCH CHANGE THE WAY FLY LINES ARE MATCHED TO RODS? A new research and development company has discovered...

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